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Gorgeous Custom Backyard Design and Makeover

For over 40 years, Koch Landscape Design has delivered stunning backyard design and makeovers across the Bay Area, including in Palo Alto, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, and Mountain View. Our comprehensive custom design and build services give you the complete freedom to transform your yard into a place that seamlessly complements your home and lifestyle.

 Expert Landscape Contractors for Your Backyard Design and Makeover

Landscaping makeovers offer an easy way to spruce up the look of your property and improve your outdoor enjoyment. Our team of landscape contractors specializes in transforming tired backyards into beautiful, low-maintenance retreats.

Homeowners seeking a refreshing change can benefit from our following landscaping services:

  • Shade covers: Introduce a touch of luxury with a new patio, gazebo, or pergola, creating an inviting area for entertaining friends and family.
  • Hardscape refinishing: Give your outdoor surfaces a facelift by staining or sealing existing patios, walkways, and decks.
  • Native plant selection: Refresh your lawn and garden beds with native plant varieties that are drought tolerant and low maintenance.
  • Landscape lighting: Illuminate your landscape so that the party doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down.

Backyard Renovation for Stunning Landscaping Transformations

If you’re seeking a total transformation of your outdoor space, a backyard remodel is the ultimate solution. This approach involves the removal of existing landscaping elements to provide a clean slate for collaboration between you and our skilled landscape contractors.

A backyard renovation can open up these design opportunities:

  • Grading and soil preparation: Optimize your outdoor environment by creating a solid foundation for your new landscape.
  • New hardscapes: Redefine your entertainment spaces with hardscapes and walkways that enhance both aesthetics and functionality.
  • Fencing: Ensure privacy and security with customized fencing, gates, and barriers that complement your home’s architecture.
  • Custom masonry: Introduce enduring elegance to your landscape with customized stonework that provides long lasting beauty.
  • Outdoor kitchens: Elevate your entertaining experience with an outdoor kitchen that blends convenience and style for al fresco dining.
  • Water features: Bring tranquility to your space with elegantly designed water features, from serene koi ponds to captivating fountains.
  • Built-in fire pits: Create a cozy focal point that offers warmth and ambiance for evenings spent outdoors.

Custom Backyard Design and Makeover Solutions for Bay Area Homes

Koch Landscape Design offers personalized solutions that embrace the opportunities and challenges of our region’s unique climate and geography. Here is how our backyard design and makeover services can be tailored to your home.

  • Foothill properties: The steep terrain of foothill lots present unique drainage challenges. Customized grading plans and runoff control systems can convert hilly areas into functional outdoor spaces.
  • Suburban homes: Flat backyards offer a blank canvas for recreational living. We can unlock your yard’s entertainment value with additions like water features, patio spaces, or built-in fire pits.
  • Homes near nature: If you enjoy basking in nature, we can integrate native plant species that harmonize with the surrounding habitat. Native plants are hardy, provide seasonal color, and support local wildlife.
  • Fire resilient landscapes: With wildfires a growing concern, we can help safeguard your property with strategic landscaping. Our expertise includes selecting fire-resistant plants, establishing defensible zones, and incorporating non-combustible materials into your backyard design.

Call 510-490-0487 or contact us online to book an onsite discovery meeting with our backyard design and makeover team in Palo Alto, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, and Mountain View, CA.