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Whether you’ve purchased a new home that needs to be transformed to your liking, or you’ve lived in your home for years and always dreamed of its potential, the team at Koch & Associates has the ability to create the backyard of your dreams.

Are you dreaming of a retreat that provides a wonderful setting for family gatherings, neighborhood barbecues, lively pool parties, or restful evenings after a hectic day? The professionals at Koch & Associates can make your vision a reality, outfitting your oasis with features such as outdoor kitchens, shaded patios, fire pits and water features. We can design and install gorgeous plantings that soften the hardscapes, add texture, and turn your backyard into a delightful garden.

We’re a full-service Bay Area landscape contractor that has created thousands of stunning backyard renovations over the past 40 years. Our team conceptualizes and installs original designs based on your desires and the specifics of your yard. The appearance of your property affects your state of mind. Whether you prefer a formal or casual design, most homeowners find an appealing selection of flowers, trees, and plants, complemented by well-constructed hardscape and lighting, to be relaxing and inviting any time of day or night.