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Gazebo Installation in Los Gatos and Saratoga

Whether you’re looking to create a relaxing retreat in your backyard or need covered space for entertaining guests, a professionally installed gazebo can be the perfect solution for maximizing your outdoor experiences. As a full-service landscape contractor serving Los Gatos and Saratoga, Koch and Associates specializes in custom gazebo installation services that make it easy to transform your backyard into the favorite part of your home.

Experienced Landscape Contractors Specializing in Custom Gazebo Installation

Our team of experienced landscape contractors and builders have been designing and installing gazebos throughout the Bay Area since 1978. We take pride in our attention to detail, working closely with homeowners to ensure each gazebo is a true reflection of their unique vision and lifestyle.

We offer the following services that can become the highlight of your backyard renovation:

  • Gazebo design: Our builders will collaborate with you through a detailed design consultation. Together, we’ll craft a plan perfectly tailored to your lot dimensions, material preferences, and intended usage of the space.
  • Gazebo installation: From site preparation to the final finishing touches, our master builder approach provides you with a complete design and installation process without having to work with multiple contractors.
  • Landscape construction: Your new gazebo deserves a stunning backdrop. Our skilled landscape designers are adept at curating lush, inviting outdoor spaces that will become the perfect complement to your new shade cover.
  • Custom water features: Enhance the serenity of your gazebo with the addition of a bespoke fountain or pond. Our builders are skilled at designing aquatic elements as beautiful focal point for your time spent outdoors.
  • Masonry and hardscaping: Our talented masons excel in the art of creating gorgeous walkways, patios, and retaining walls that accentuate your gazebo and increase the functionality of your surrounding landscape.

Add Beauty to Your Backyard with a Professional Gazebo Installation

Are you ready to design your personal outdoor oasis? Reach out to Koch Landscape Design. With over forty years of localized Bay Area experience, our builders excel at providing stress-free gazebo installations and landscape construction services. We offer a personalized approach that features endless design possibilities, ensuring your backyard renovation becomes a true reflection of your individual taste and lifestyle.

Call 510-490-0487 or contact us online to book an onsite discovery meeting with our gazebo installation team in Los Gatos and Saratoga.

Los Gatos and Saratoga

Situated at the base of the Sierra Azul range, Los Gatos is a historic Santa Clara County town offering picturesque views. Its charming downtown is home to boutique shops, fine dining restaurants, and buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, making it a premier destination for residents and visitors alike. Beyond the downtown allure, Los Gatos provides ample opportunity for outdoor activities, with Los Gatos Creek Trail and Vasona Lake County Park providing comfortable areas to enjoy the town’s scenic atmosphere. Saratoga, California, is located west of the Santa Cruz Mountains and rests in the Santa Clara Valley. The city’s downtown area, known as Saratoga Village, features quaint local restaurants and distinctive storefronts, offering a picturesque setting for residents to savor the scenery and delightful weather. The surrounding hills, dotted with trees and renowned wineries, offer a retreat for those who enjoy the outdoors, with many hikers taking pleasure in the trails of Sanborn County Park. The town’s proximity to Silicon Valley offers a unique environment that fuses small-town charm with technological innovation.