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Drought- Resistant Landscape Designs for Your Backyard Renovation

Koch & Associates’ drought-resistant landscape designs for backyard renovations are designed to give homeowners a vision of restful residential retreats that don’t require huge amounts of water.

Instead of allowing California’s five-year drought to limit their landscaping choices, resourceful property owners in the state are exploring new ideas for their outdoor spaces. They’re discovering a surprising number of options that improve the appearance of their property and enhance its usefulness as a place for family gatherings, social get-togethers, or unwinding after a challenging workday.

By carefully assessing of all the factors that go into a quality design; sun exposure, soil types, drainage, views, personal preferences and budget, Koch & Associates helps our residential clients choose the best possible landscape plans for their backyard renovation projects.

Today, water conservation is paramount. We implement drought-resistant landscape designs for backyard renovations in order to help our Bay Area homeowners upgrade their property while becoming more compatible with the local environment.

Our designs incorporate the imaginative use of hardscaping and native plants that require substantially less irrigation. Water bills can be reduced by 30 percent or more when sustainable landscapes replace old-fashioned, thirsty ones.


Aspects of a typical Koch & Associates’ backyard design project include:

  • An irrigation overhaul. Water conservation is essential, even as the drought eases in Northern California. Drought-resistant landscapes call for drip irrigation, smart controllers to monitor weather conditions, water-saving sprinkler nozzles and sensors that shut the system down when leaks are detected.
  • Native plants and shrubs. Native plants look great, need little water or maintenance, and come in many sizes, textures and colors. When correctly grouped, native plants thrive and also attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and other small wildlife.
  • Hardscape construction. Backyard renovations offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of hardscaping. An expansive patio that would be out of place in the front of a home is a showpiece in the backyard. Envision stone walkways leading up to a beautiful patio with an outdoor kitchen and dining area, as well as a tranquil flowing water feature nearby. Arbors and trellises can break up large spaces and provide shade.

Bring your property into the 21st century. Trust Koch & Associates for drought-resistant landscape designs for backyard renovations. Contact us today.



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I have used Koch and Associates for big jobs and smaller jobs with the firm handling all aspects of the work, from design, permits and installation. Very high-quality professional workmanship. I highly recommend them to all my friends for landscaping needs.